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Myanma Awba

Myanma Awba is the leading agriculture brand in Myanmar and is one of the largest cooperations with over 4,000+ employees and hundreds of SKUs manufacturing and distributions to support Myanmar's economic growth and local farmers across the country.


As being No.1 brand in its industry, Awba wants a big communication campaign with creative to target farmers and re-sellers.


So, we planned and launched the big media experience campaign at Myanmar's first Cable car project (Kyaihtiyoe pagoda) exclusively.


Millions of the most highly qualified target people visit the site and experience the Awba brand activations. This campaign has reduced the overall media budget and increases the major awareness, so the brand extends the project continuously for multi-years.

Myanma Awba, Myanmar's first cable car branding project

Over 5 million traffic from all around the world visiting the site and we launched creative media campaign exclusively inside the terminals for outdoor branding large-scale space, millions of tickets, and 40+ units of cable cars with Awba brand.

This campaign is one of the most effective campaigns for driving awareness and brand activations. Thus, the campaign was kept extending for over 2.5 years until COVID19 came in.

Myanma Awba

Myanma Awba, Myanmar's first cable car branding project

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