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KHot by CJ Food

Marked out new Korean instant noodle brand in Myanmar to penetrate the competitive market between locals, Thai, and Korean instant noodle brands. Since this brand is manufactured and distributed by the Korea No.1 Food Company CJ, strategy, communication, creative, media, and digital, we have helped in all areas 360 degrees.


Being the exclusive advertising agency for CJ Food, we supported them with strategy, creative and media for their KHot brand to launch in the market for the very first time.


So we planned the positioning as the most affordable as youth target Korean Instant Noodle and created a compelling story with KOLs and launched digital-only content.


The story and content went viral, and hit up to 5 million views and 100K+ followers within a short period of time, and impacted the sales improvements by 4X after the campaign.

The Campaign

Positioning | Strategy | Creative | Digital | Productions and KOLs

CJ333 Khot Korea Instant Noodle Spicy Key Visual Digital design with Patricia

5Million Views

Viral Creative Branded Video

Nay Chi Oo most watched video up to 5millions views
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