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We deal in

big ideas,

you in?

this is where magic happen, committing to the values that lead to the great work and helping businesses to solve problems.

You'll do more than join something -

you'll add something. 

people might say we're in the advertising business, we prefer ideas business.

MCI Group is the regional customer-centric modern communication company with multiple award winning modern mix of traditional thinkers of yesterday and internet-centric storytellers of today who are best at defining brands, creating communications strategy,  making positivity louder, designing remarkable campaigns and launching groundbreaking creative solutions for businesses. This is exactly what we are doing everyday for more than a decade.

The limit (literately) does not exist in here.

We're looking for



Who has ability to deliver the results, with 5 years experience in Advertising agency industry. The one with exceptional communication, convincing and negotiation and closing skills. The one who can simplify the problems and ability to solve them. The one who has good experience working with corporate clients / brands on both advertising campaign and media both offline/online.

Prospecting, sales planning, lead generation and initiations with potential clients.
Well pleasant with result oriented and target achiever with positive working attitude. Able to lead to sell the complex creative sales with high-tickets. Self manageable and self motivated to achieve the sales target

want to be part of a team that thrives on a passion and creativity 

Use you ideas, transform the world.

Everything that we mentioned in this MCI landing page is the inspirational mood board for the case studies purpose only and at MCI, the results, performance and experience are exceptional and different for each case and project.

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